Best Summer Fashion Top/T Shirt For Pets Dog / Cat

Hello everyone! Here are some best Summer fashion for your furry friends! I’m selling some pets collection stuff, like clothing and accessories! Feel free to check this out!


Style: Tee Shirt

Designs: Hello, Be Happy

Colour: Yellow, Green,

Size: XS-XL









Style: Tee Shirt

Designs: Doodle Draw

Colour: Pink, Blue, Dark Blue, Red

Size: XXS – L




Style: Sleeveless Top

Designs: London, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse

Colour: Grey, Red

Size: XXS – L







Style: Sleeveless Top

Designs: Paw Print

Colour: Pink, Purple

Size: XS-XL




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3 Most Affordable Small animal that you can have as a Pet


Are you a pet lover? If you are, this is a post for you! Most of the people who love pets and sometime pet are hard to afford like dogs ?

There is also some things to take consideration before getting a pet. Ask yourself,

Are you ready to have a pets?

what’s the things that you need to know about the pets you want, like do they suit you or your families members?

Defiantly a lot of things to know first before you decide.

As for small animals, I guess it not much difficult cause they only need to be feed and of cause CARE is the most responsible!

So what are the small animals to have? If you love a dog but you couldn’t get it because it’s too ex and cannot afford for now, how bout consider having a small pets like:



Hamsters? Yes. They are small and tiny also in big sizes available. They only need a small cage to stay and some treats and food to feed. Most important is the bedding. They need to clean up once a week or maybe twice will be good.

Hamsters are cute little creatures when you bring them out of the cage for some exercise with a exercise ball or indoor running wheel. And the cutest part is sometimes they just stare at something and just stop down there (blank out) HAHA! Is fun when you take some nice shots or video to post on social media and share around the world!

They come in different breed, like small winter white, roborovski. The largest breed is Syrian. Syrian hamster size is about 6 – 7inches.

Check out your local store for more info on the hamster breed. The price range from $12 SGD onwards for hamster itself. For the accessories like cage, food etc.. will be $20 onwards. Some may depend on which store you find, those at HDB area will be cheaper than the mall pet shop.


Birds – Parrots or birds

Birds are cute! But they can be quite stink when you never clean them. Usually need to be clean once or twice weekly. That will be good because they live in small caged and they do shit a lot. Well, if you see outside birds you will know what I mean. HAHA.

Mostly birds can be found is birds pet shop which is seldom saw it around. But parrots will be available in those pet store that are in the HDB area. Some parrot may need to be in the cage, but some can be freedom without the cage but with the leg locked. I guess is to prevent them from flying away.

Some parrot can be train well, it will also depends on how you take care of it. It’s kind of fun to have parrot as pet and you can bring them out anytime. The price range is about $200 ++ or can be found lower depends on the bird breed or colour of the parrot I guess or maybe it’s already trained, that’s the reason why the price will be higher I guess.



Fish is defiantly most cheapest you can find at those pets farm and pets store too! Price range from $5 onwards or lower I guess. Of cause for people who love fish a lot suit to have fish. Because you can’t bring them out of play with them like others pets.

It’s kind of boring but depends on what you love to have. I feel is more for like seeing them swimming around the tank. Somewhat makes you feel better? Some people love fish because they are easy to maintain, They need to change water and feed them regularly. The fun thing to do is you can get the decorations to put in the tank make it like “Castle”. (You know what I mean. HAHA).

And also there are shrimps, hermit crab etc. to choose from. But compare to fish, these creatures might need to spend more for their needs like maintaining of water level. Cause they don live in just normal water.

I have a roughly budget which is about $100 min to spend on the tank, food and maintaining products for shrimps.

For fishes some need filter as oxygen to live some might not need. Still need to depends on the fishes. But to get advise more, do check with the shop so that you will know what to do and what to buy to prevent getting cheated.

The food and maintenance products price range about $15 onwards. Do check out some of the farm will have cheaper offer too.

So, these are the few pets that you can consider to have with a low-budget. Hope this info helps you. Most important is you need to have time to change and care for your pet. The key word is “Time”. HAHA.

Useful Tips:

Don’t rush to get a pet if you can’t afford it. Take some time for discussion before you decide anything.

Check out for breed or pet that you want to have before you decide getting it.

Think about the budget that you have first. Because they might need medical support, food and some other misc. stuff needed.

Small pets needs products like vitamin, Treats or etc. that are important, but not as much as for dog or cat. Some products are not necessary to have it. But it’s still up to you as long as you have the budget that will be fine 😉

Hope this post will help you in getting your favourite forever pets!


5 Essential Things to get before even bringing home your Dog/Puppy

Hello! everyone! Here is another post on pets, 5 Essential things to get before even bringing home your dog.

Recently, one of my friend just bought a new pet puppy! I was so excited even thou I want it so much but after today I learn a lot of things which I don’t know about getting a puppy. As I always have adult dogs from people who can’t keep them. From all this time I had experience about dogs stuffs, things and I always wanted to learn new things also to know what are the important for having a pet.

Let me share with you a bit of her character and some things that I found out on having a puppy for the first time. Hope this will be useful for first timer who are going to have a puppy as first pet.

Of cause if you are getting a puppy, there are some things that you need to have in order to trained them and let them get use to a new home. If you are getting a dog, I think shouldn’t be much worry or have to? But depends on the dog if its well-trained I think shouldn’t  be a problem. But just take your time and let them know what they do is right or wrong, I bet they will be trainable and well-known after a while 🙂 As for what I experience before. Even though is not easy at all but is just takes time ^^.


Pet Toy

The toy is a chewing toy, more to play with her on the ground. For now she is too small to play rough toy or action like throwing of balls and all.

Is good to have at least one or two toy to play with. Can also slowly trained them and play with them cause they are active when you put them on the ground.

Isn’t she cute? AWWW. she’s so soft and cuddly. When I carry close to me, she is like a gentle little pal. But she is super active when she is on the ground with her favourite toy.

We were busy the whole day looking for accessories and all the needs stuff for the puppy to be in a good and comfy home.

We’ve prepare a cage which is a metal type, it has 4 side and just have to gather up together and it will look like a cage or Can get a cage which is fixed one, might come with a peeing tray I guess. As long there is space for them to rest and potty.


Potty Trainer

First few things we buy was the Potty trainer spray. This one is to prevent the odour smell when your puppy pee on the floor or etc. This works well cause I can’t really smell pee on the mat.


Puppy Trainer

Next will be this Puppy Trainer drop. This one has a strong smell. Just drop 1-2 drop on the peeing pad. To let the puppy smell so that they will know where is the right place to pee. It works after a while.

We did an experiment test:

When we put the peeing tray in the cage, the puppy choose to pee on the wooden mat. We found out that each time she pee is always the same spot. Cause we put the peeing tray on the right side of the cage, and she use to pee on the left side. So what we did was, we shifted the tray to the left side instead. And it works! she got it and she keep pee on the correct spot on the tray itself.

How wonderful! In just one day she made it to pee on the right spot!

image-7Drinking Bottle

This drinking bottle was recommend by the pet shop owner. She advice that is good to let puppy learn to drink on the bottle. The reason is because the puppy is still young and is easy for them to drink on the bottle. And also they will look cleaner on the mouth area the water won’t go all over the mouth and the fur too.  Let them have 1 week or more to get use to it.

image-8Pet Hardness

Pet Hardness, leash, collar is a must. Because you will need to bring your pet for a short or long walk. Or maybe around your house garden if you have a big one.

If you have big garden, that will be the best to let you dog run around and play. Of cause if you pet need to go for exercise for walk, make sure you do so. Because once you bring them out, you will have to be consistent to bring them every single day. After awhile this will be their habit. Once you never bring them out, I don’t know? maybe they will feel sad. Ha Ha.

Why choose hardness and not just collar with leash?

I used to use collar and leash to bring my dog for walk. But I realise is better to use hardness than collar leash. Cause it may hurt the neck of the dog when you try to hold them back for running away too fast or etc. Especially on the road side, is dangerous when your dog get excited and just dash thru the road. It may cause accident of the innocent.

Maybe for puppies to be safe, will advise to use a hardness to bring them for walk. But for dog, you can still choose to use hardness. Hardness are good for all dogs, but to be safe try to use a hardness. Which I feel is better than using collar and leash.


Potty Pad

This is a Potty pad, to use it on the potty tray for the puppy to pee. It’s helps for potty trained and the pad will absorb to prevent it smells and also easy to clean up.

Indoor potty is very important, cause you don’t want your dog to mess up your house when you bought them home.

Potty pad also great for elderly dog, sick or disable dogs, and for owner who need to work long hours. You won’t have to clean up so much after a tiring day of work.

These are some of the things that you will need before you get a puppy or pets. Do remember animals is for life. They spend their lifetime with you. Do give them great care and more love to spend and keep the happiest moment as memories. Is just feels great to have a pet in your life. They can be your greatest friend. Especially when they can understand your feelings and cuddle. Some dogs are smart thou.

Happy Pet-Owning!