Best Pet Casual Wear Fashion For Your Furry Pal!

Looking for something to wear your furry friend? Here are a few casual wear fashion! Dress them like the way you wearing too!

Little gift for your little furry friends! Check it out below !

Pet Dog Superman / Channel/ Adidas Sleeves T Shirt With Hoodie

Detail: Short sleeves with hoodie, normal fabric so that your pet won’t get heat by the sun when they get outside :). Suitable for large breed or small breed dogs/puppies available too!


Size Chart:

XXL – Chest- 55, Length – 38 cm 

3XL – Chest- 60, Length – 45 cm 

4XL – Chest- 65, Length – 50 cm 

5XL – Chest- 70, Length – 55 cm 

6XL – Chest- 75, Length – 60 cm 

7XL – Chest- 79, Length – 65 cm

8XL – Chest- 83, Length – 70 cm  

9XL – Chest- 87, Length – 75 cm 


Pet Dog Cat Simple Casual Sleeveless Wording Top

Detail: Comes in 2 color, Black and red strips with wording designs. Sleeveless Top, Available for small breed dogs only.



Size: No 8 – Chest- 28, Length – 19 cm 

Size: No 10 – Chest- 31, Length – 22 cm

Size: No 12 – Chest- 37, Length – 28 cm 

Size: No 14- Chest- 44, Length – 31 cm 

Size: No 16 – Chest- 51, Length – 36 cm 

Size: No 18 – Chest- 57, Length – 41 cm 

Size: No 20 – Chest- 64, Length – 44 cm 

Size: No 22 – Chest- 68, Length – 48 cm 

Size: No 24 – Chest- 72, Length – 53 cm 

Size: No 26 – Chest- 78, Length – 57 cm 

Size: No 28 – Chest- 84, Length – 63 cm 

Size: No 30 – Chest- 90, Length – 67 cm 


Pet Dog Cat Simple Casual Sleeveless Top

Detail: Simple lovely Pink color, simple design, sleeveless casual wear. For cats and dogs! Suitable for small breed dogs only.








Size Chart: 

XS: Neck -23, Chest – 33, Length – 17, Weight- 2-4 kg

S: Neck -22, Chest -38, Length – 25, Weight- 4-6 kg

M: Neck -27, Chest – 43, Length – 27, Weight- 6-8 kg 

L: Neck -32, Chest – 48, Length – 29, Weight- 8-10 kg 

XL: Neck -37, Chest – 53, Length – 31, Weight- 10-13 kg 


Pet Dog Small Breed Cupcake Design Sleeveless Top

Detail: Cute Cupcake Design with sweet colors pink and green. Sleeveless Casual wear for small breed dog. 


Pet Dog Small Breed Black Strips T Shirt

Detail: Short Sleeves strips with little pocket. Simple casual, non heat material. Smart casual wear :)!


Size Chart: 

S: Neck -20-21, Chest – 28-30, Length – 19-21, Weight – 2-3 kg

M: Neck -23-24, Chest – 32-35, Length – 24-25, Weight – 3-6 kg

L: Neck -29-31, Chest – 38-40, Length – 30-32, Weight – 7-9 kg

XL: Neck -31-32, Chest – 44-45, Length – 33-34, Weight – 10-14 kg

XXL: Neck -33-35, Chest – 51-52, Length – 34-35, Weight – 15-20 kg


Pet Dog Small Breed LV Printed T Shirt With Hoodie

Detail: One of the most pop “Supreme LV design, short sleeves with hoodie. Smart Casual wear. 















Size Chart: 

XXS: Neck -17, Chest – 26, Length – 16

XS: Neck -20, Chest – 30, Length – 20

S: Neck -23, Chest – 34, Length – 24

M: Neck -26, Chest – 39, Length – 26

L: Neck -29, Chest – 44, Length – 29

LL: Neck -32, Chest – 49, Length – 32

XXL: Neck -36, Chest – 55, Length -36

MD: Neck -28, Chest – 40, Length -30

FB: Neck -38, Chest – 58, Length -35

3L: Neck -48, Chest – 75, Length -58

4L: Neck -55, Chest – 84, Length -61


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In stock Batch: Accessories

Hello! Welcome to my little online store.

I’m Selling a few In-stock items, like phone cases, socks with cute designs & some phone accessories too.

If you have anything that you are interested in, do PM on my Carousell or just leave me comment and I will reply you asap ^^.

Cute Korean Style high socking (In-stock)

$4 /each


Design & Details: 




Animals Cable Bite Cable Protection (In-stock)

$6/ each 

Design: Duck, White Bear, Shark, Cat 


Mickey Pooh Minnie iPhone 6 Soft Case (In-stock) 

$10 /each 


Disney TsumTsum Louts & Friends Soft Case

iPhone 6 & 6Plus

With back stand.


Disney Mickey & Friends Soft Case 

iPhone 6 & 6Plus


We bare bears 

iPhone 6plus


Welsh Corgi dog prints

iPhone 6 & OPPO R11



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INSTOCKS ITEM : Pet Fashion Clothing 2018

Hello Pet lovers! I’m selling Instock item for Pets clothes and Accessories! Do check out my item below!

INSTOCK #2 Pets Dog Small Breed Clothing Doodle Printed T Shirt

INSTOCK Available For:

Design: Doodle Printed.

Colours: Pink Only.

Size: S, M, L





This is soft cotton material with cute printed designs. Round neck and with sleeves. Suitable for winter wear cause the material is a bit thick and soft.

For other design, need to Pre-Orders with me.

If you are Interested to purchase, feel free to PM Me or click on the link to my Carousell account for more detail or comment me below ! (This is only local selling.)


Best Summer Fashion Top/T Shirt For Pets Dog / Cat

Hello everyone! Here are some best Summer fashion for your furry friends! I’m selling some pets collection stuff, like clothing and accessories! Feel free to check this out!


Style: Tee Shirt

Designs: Hello, Be Happy

Colour: Yellow, Green,

Size: XS-XL









Style: Tee Shirt

Designs: Doodle Draw

Colour: Pink, Blue, Dark Blue, Red

Size: XXS – L




Style: Sleeveless Top

Designs: London, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse

Colour: Grey, Red

Size: XXS – L







Style: Sleeveless Top

Designs: Paw Print

Colour: Pink, Purple

Size: XS-XL




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Korean Summer Style Best Match Fashion 2017!

Hello there! Welcome to my little online shop that I conducted by myself~

Do check out my list of products below (Click on the link) :

Korea Ulzzang Casual Summer Polo T Shirt Dress

I love this T-shirt dress. Although it looks simple it, with a cute dog sewing logo.

Details : With side pocket and button all up, make it look nicer! Match with a cap! And sneaker! Perfect match! 

Style : Simple Plain with a little sewing dog logo at the side top.

Summer White Shoe School Korean Style Casual With Custom Colours


Now the most popular white sneakers is one of the top trend I guess! Most of the time seeing people wear white plain sneakers perfect match for all sort of fashion dress, pants and shorts and etc.

Details : This is flat design sneaker with shoe lace and white, come with different colours.

Material : Canvas

Interested to buy, just click on the title link!