Sewing Project: Hand Sew a Zip Pouch / Wallet

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I’m wondering what project can sew for my next project, I came out an idea of sewing this small little wallet pouch. With easy and beautiful design fabric which I bought from my local retailer shop.

I’m Posting this post on How to sew a Zip wallet/Pouch. I just randomly did this and I will guide thru step by step.

Materials you need:

Needle & Thread

– pair of scissor

Zipper (cheap one will do, go ahead and use good one as your choice.)

Fabric of your choice


Fold the fabric to 2 pieces, Cut fabric with size length 20cm, width 13cm. Same for fabric and lining.

Turn the fabric to the face from good side to good side and sew the side with straight or Mattress stitch. Only sew left and right side. Leave the top side for the zipper.




So when you turn back outside, it will look like this. With nice hem. This is why I love to use this stitch. (Picture shown on hand sew)

Same goes to the lining, sew 2 side.


Once you’re done, Slot the lining in to the main fabric facing good side.

Align the zip to the fabric and sew on. You may use needle to mark the part that you want to sew, it’s makes it easier.

For the ending of the zip, you can sew it to the fabric from the inside. Try to adjust then sew to secure it.

And you’re done!




Came across one of my local shop that sells most of the crafts accessories, i found a leather label which can match my wallet. It’s turns out perfectly fit my wallet. I love this little label is a little girl with a little pet dog. bought it at $3.50. It’s very easy to put on, come with a small round pin for the 4 sides hole. Just have to mark out the position which you want it to put on the fabric. And you are done! One hand sew wallet with a label on it. Just like your own brand! This hand sew may not look nice but I will keep practice and at the same time I will post on how’s my progress going. Enjoy!

Do check out my another post on How to sew a perfect Zip Pouch using sewing machine!

Happy Sewing! 



Sewing Project: How to Sew Pencil Case with Zipper for Beginner Sewing

Sewing Project_ How to Sew Pencil Case with Zipper for Beginner Sewing.png

Hello! Recently I’ve been learning how to sew. Starting with some easy projects like pencil case or mini pillows for practice.

For this pencil case all I need to know before I start is the stitches, like what are the stitches pattern that can use on each project that’s suits.

I did brought a book on teaching how to sew and all. In this book they have from projects for beginner till big projects like bags. But I just started with pencil case! I think this is quite easy for beginner but there are still some things that you need to know first or take note before you start. I mean that would be the best and is just basics knowledge to have. Agree? Well let’s share with you some guide that I know for this project!


Material needed:

1. Design Cotton Fabric of your choice

2. Lining Fabric

3. A Zipper

4. Needle and Thread

5. Sewing Machine/Hand Sew

For this pencil case, I used cotton fabric which is the most normal and commonly used for doing small projects. I really love this design, is kind of peaceful design and it looks lovely. You can get it at any of your choice from your local shop that sell fabric. :)!


Cut 4 piece of the design fabric in rectangle shape, 2 piece for the main fabric and 2 for the lining at a size of L 20cm x W 10cm or a size that you feel it’s good. (I use another fabric design to do as tutorial.) img_0728

(You may ignore the picture fabric design)

Lay one piece of the main fabric facing the good side facing up, you will need a zip with 6 or 7 “ will be just nice to fit your fabric. Put the zip to the fabric. Then lay a lining fabric on top on the zip. Use needle to mark out.

Sew on one side of the fabric together with the zip. And the same to the other side.

Note: If you have difficulties in sewing the zip, stop sewing before the zipper head/puller, then pull down the puller then sew all the way up. So you won’t get stuck with the puller. 🙂


Now you have the lining with main fabric for both sides.


Let do the zipper first, pull down the zipper lower a bit, then flip over to lining facing lining, main piece facing each other good side to good side. For the zipper fold accordingly to half.

Use needle or clip to mark out.

From the main fabric, mark out a hole using your hand with a stone shape. Mark out to all side for the sewing. Sew all the side and leave the hole out to turn over later. Trim the zipper side if needed.

Once done, turn it over. Slowly balance the fabric for bothmake the edges properly.


And you are DONE! You can test the zipper if its working good and all. You are ready to use it!

So far so good! I have made a second pencil case. I also Sew a wallet/ Pouch with zipper. Which is about the same method use. Feel free to adjust or make your own DIY designs! You can leave me comment below or share with me your project! I will be glad to know is my post helps you! Or if you want to request for more clearly tutorial do let me know! 😊


Check out the link on this beginner tools that will help you with your sewing!

Coquimbo Mini Sewing Kit for Kids, Travel, Sewing Supplies with Scissors, Thimble, Thread, Needles, Tape Measure, Carrying Case and Accessories (Black)

Singer Assorted Hand Needles in Compact, 25-Count,Suitable for Hand Sewing.

Project Guide from Cath Kidston Sewing Book (For Beginner)

Hello! I want to share with you guys about this book ” Caith Kidston Sewing Book” on Sewing projects. It’s meant to be for beginners and I find it quite useful.

I can easily understand the steps on how to do it. What I did was I try out a project on ” How to Sew a Pencil Case“. and it’s turn up to be perfect, and what’s comes to my mind was will it stable for a long time? well, that’s when your skill challenge you. Try out something that is easy for you to do first before you sew a project that you want. A pencil case is a easiest project among all to practice. I do have a post on “ How to sew a Pencil Case“. If you are interested to get this book just click on the image below!

For local store, I found it at Orchard, Kinokuniya book store. You can actually borrow from the Library too. I bought it so that I can keep refer to it for doing my projects. (:

This book have projects from easiest to upgraded projects. Here is a short review on the book which I’ve bought.


I took this image of the content for reviews. They are lots of item to be sew and learn from this book. They also have embroidery with different pattern to try out, hand stitches and skills to use for. With help on a list of stitches given shown in the book, try out sorts of different sewing pattern to build up your skill.

They do have other series that you might like it too! Get your very own now and start sewing!

They do have other series on different sewing book –

This one is more on sewing on simple projects!

If you like to sew patches, this is more on sewing patch projects. Make your favourite designs!


I’m now inspired with lots of sewing project like Barbie clothing sewing, accessories sewing like pencil case etc. Do check out my post on Crafts Tab.

Happy Sewing! (:

Hand Sewing Project: Use Socks to make Barbie Top and Beanie

Hidey-Ho! Here is my another project done by myself. I decide to try out using different material to do the sewing and I use socks this time to do up Barbie clothing. And I try out to make this sleeveless top.

At first when I know that socks actually can do clothing, cause is like stretchy material type. like if you were to buy a stretchy fabric and end up you got cock up and that would be a waste. So I try out on socks first and it’s even cheaper if you can make use of it. I bought it for just $2/pair. You can also find it at any department store at your local destination.


I use the sock body to cut out the doll body size. I didn’t sew much for this, I only sew the shoulder sleeve. it turns out perfect!

Tips: Just pick a simple socks designs will do. It will be easier to cut out and the design can be seen.


There are a few type of socks material, like the thick ones etc. Just get the thin type of material so that will be easier to sew on. If you are using a sewing machine, I think it should be okay with it. You can do a testing first before you sew everything up. Cause I didn’t get to try sewing on machine yet.

For the Beanie, I use the end of the sock which is the toe side when you wear on it. I fold up the bottom area and I only sew the back. Apparently the circular shape is too big so I cut behind one line and adjust the size to the Barbie head size. Last is sew it a bit and you are good to go!


Check out this tools if you are looking for one for your started kit

– Sewing Kit Set

Sewing Needle Set

Hand Sewing Project – How to sew a Barbie Skater dress

Howdy People! Recently I have done some small projects. To practice my skills on my sewing too! I realise sewing do have technique and sometimes you will get frustrated when you never get to sew properly or get stuck on thread, Argh. That’s really makes me pissed sometimes when you don’t have the skill on sewing.

This sewing hobby inspired me to sew some Barbie craft like clothing and accessories. They are kind of adorable and it really attracts me on sewing Barbie Crafts. I started sewing Shirts, Dresses etc. With the guide of some tutorial from You Tubers I made this Skater Dress.


I use a cotton Fabric which says 100% Cotton. But I not very sure what type of cotton. Cause maybe there are a few type of cotton to choose from but I just bought this at one of the department store.

This store do have Pre- Cut Fabric which is quite convenient to get. For small project I can suggest the Pre Cut is the good idea to get in a cheaper price. I brought this fabric at 1 Metre about $4.50SGD.

Here is how I sew this dress (:


You have to measure the size of the doll, the Waist, Chest, Bust. Write it down on a piece of paper. So that you get to know daftly the size of the Barbie for your own reference.

Another easiest way is to wrap around your Barbie with the fabric and cut out the size. It will look like a rectangle shape.


I use needle to mark out so that the seam line will stay and also easy to sew on. You can also use an iron to stay the line.

The only thing to take note is, every time when you draw out a template remember to leave some extra gap for the seam allowance.


I also did this sweet pink romper. Still need some improvement in it but for the first time I feel okay with the art piece. It’s a bit hard to explain the whole process but not to worry, you can check out YouTube Tutorial from others if you are interested in making Barbie craft or even for yourself. For now I don’t have any video tutorial for this but I will try to make one sooner or later! (:

I’m still doing more practice on making Barbie clothing and will update new post when I’m done with my project! Stay tuned and support me!

Do give me some advise or feel free to comment (:


If you are looking for Sewing kit, check out the link below!

Candora Sewing Thread Assortment Coil 30 Color 250 Yards Each Polyester Thread Sewing Kit All Purpose Polyester Thread for Hand and Machine Sewing

Singer Assorted Hand Needles in Compact, 25-Count

Hand Sewing Craft : Guide for Beginner – Hand Sewing Needles

Winter coffee.png

Hello Fellow Friends ! Here is a post on Hand Sewing, Let’s study a bit about the Needles. I’m quite confuse on what needle should I use for my hand sewing projects. I’ve do some research and there are really quite a few things that you need to know for hand sewing for beginners. These are the basic things that you have to know and so that you can easily know what to use for your projects and won’t get frustrated over what to use.

Hand Sewing Needles have particular type in themselves. They are mainly for general hand sewing like sewing a miniature clothing, pencil case etc.

About the Needles:



The eye:

The eye of the needle is where you pass through needle threads and come with varies size and shape. Depend on what needle you are using, they have for embroidery which look longer, has larger eyesthan hand sewing needles cause they are meant for using wider thread.

The Shaft:

This is so called the body of the needle, come with different sizes and length for types of needle.

The Tip:

The Tip is where the sharp point is. Is important because it works on different type of fabrics that’s gives you different result with holes that match with them. So you need to choose the correct ones that match your fabrics. Test it on the fabric, if goes thru the fabric easier, use that.

It’s best to get a Sewing Kit Set for Beginner like maybe a small set that comes with the most important material like Thread, Needles, Needle cap, Buttons, measuring tape, scissors. Is still best to get a kit cause you can just easily get the material out and convenient to use!

Recently, I just did a few small projects. Just for my own practice. Check out my post if you interested.

More post on projects coming up soon! Stay Tune !

Happy Sewing!