Animal Crossing Pocket Camp NEW UPDATE! – Clothes Crafting is Here!

Hello! The new updates for clothes crafting is finally here! Now you can craft nice and beautiful design customize clothing for your avatar!

All you have to do is collect the materials which you need and you can start crafting your own outfits and shoes!

Approach Mabel who is the one in charge of clothing crafts for orders!


There are more new clothes coming in along while you play, Just get your favourite ones! Oh Well! Shopping! Not only clothes, there are shoes, socks, and some accessories too! like hats! Fashionable glasses 🙂


Pants and Skirts!




The most I love is the crochet hat!


Create your own style and favourite accessories !


They have boots, flats to lots of other different shoes! Just like real life.


You can craft as much as you want as long you have enough materials.


Enjoy and have fun!




Animal Crossing Pocket Camp NEW UPDATE COMING SOON! – Sneak Peek!! New Features Coming Up!



Hello! Here are some of the new features coming up real soon! Animal Crossing is doing great and always keep the game up to date, more and more new things to explore, use and fun! Make your animal friends now!img_1509

One rug is too boring? Soon you will be able to put more rugs for your campsite decorating! and do remember to craft more rugs and ready to put out and show off to your friends!


Customize your terrain selected area at your campsite! Not very sure how it works but! stay tune for the updates and try it yourself. 🙂


Most exciting part is apparel crafting! Now the new Clothes craft is here! You can start to craft nice clothing for your pal! Check out the new clothing craft here!

When you talk to your animal friends and get level up to 7, you will get the clothes on what they are wearing as a gift! Dresses, T Shirts, Sweater and many more!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp : New Update For New Timed Goals

Recently updates on the New Timed Goals under Event Challenge.

Hurry get your hand on and bring it on for more and higher prize this time. They have added a challenge on gardening too!


  • Harvest Flowers 300 times – (Rewards: x 20 Leaf Tickets)
  • Harvest Flowers 250 times – (Rewards: 5,000 Bells)
  • Harvest Flowers 200 times – (Rewards: x 15 Sporty Essence)
  • Harvest Flowers 150 times – (Rewards: 3,000 Bells)
  • Harvest Flowers 100 times – (Rewards: 20 Woods)
  • Harvest Flowers 50 times – (Rewards: 20 Steel)
  • Harvest Flowers 30 times – (Rewards: 1,000 Bells)
  • Harvest Flowers 10 times – (Rewards: 10 Flower Seeds)
  • Catch 200 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 15 Essence) – How to Catch Rare Creatures (Gardening Safari Event)
  • Catch 150 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets)
  • Catch 100 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 15 Sporty Essence)
  • Catch 70 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 2,500 Bells)
  • Catch 40 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 30 Wallpaper)
  • Catch 20 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 15 Steel)
  • Catch 10 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 10 Woods)
  • Catch 5 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 5 Cotton)
  • Plant Seed 300 Times – (Rewards: 15 Cool Essence) – How to Start Gardening
  • Plant Seed 250 Times – (Rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets)
  • Plant Seed 200 Times – (Rewards: 15 Sweet Essence)
  • Plant Seed 150 Times – (Rewards: 3,000 Bells)
  • Plant Seed 100 Times – (Rewards: 25 Cotton)
  • Plant Seed 50 Times – (Rewards: 20 Woods)
  • Plant Seed 10 Times – (Rewards: 5 Wallpaper)
  • Black Bass Collection! Get 5 of them – (Rewards: x1 Sporty Essence)
  • Give Kudos to other 3 players at their campsites 3 times – (Rewards: x5 Kudos)
  • Conch Shell Collecting! Get 2 of them – (Rewards: x3 Steel)


Stay tune for more game updates! Please be bare with me as I will be quite busy frequently, but I will still try my best to update what I can!

Happy gaming!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp : NEW UPDATE – Gardening Safari Event 2018

New Event available now! New updates is up and they’ve added a Gardening Safari event!

This event is to capture rare creatures and  you can earn a variety of rewards! like:

Diamond butterfly or Topaz butterfly, even Winter butterfly and Gold winter butterfly! How cool! I wonder do real life have this kind of butterflies?

It’s fun to really be in the nature and do some exploring. I bet you also can find rare creatures around

For special seasonal plants are Blue Dahlias and Red Dahlias. At the moment only Blue Dahlias.

Request completed for Rover – You will have Red & Blue Dahlia Seeds as rewards for helping Rover catching butterflies from the short tutorial.

For Doing this Gardening event can Complete your Timed Goal on Catching Rare Creatures

Here is how it’s works:

Head to your garden

Tap on any flower bed


Plant a Blue Dahlias Seed (Note: For the first time planting this seed will bloom within 4-5 seconds, The flower seed is under Seasonal Tab when you your items.) – waiting time is 3 hours.

When it bloom to flower, you will see butterflies straight away.


Tap on the flower, select ” Capture” to catch the butterfly.

*For Red Dahlia flowers will bloom out with Topaz rare butterflies which is quite challenging to catch that. Have to keep trying!

And you are done!


Do check out the list of butterflies that Rover want you to help! Can check out on the rewards that you will get.

You can also check out your friends garden for helping them to water their plant and share butterflies on their flowers! You will also get rewards too! When you share butterflies, you will get rewards from Rover!

Check on this request that you’ve cleared so that you will know what you’ve cleared. Hope this post helps you! I’ve made a video gameplay! will be posted up and update soon!

Do check out my YouTube Channel!

Happy Gardening!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – NEW Timed Goal New Year Event Challenge!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you all enjoy your Christmas with adorable animal friends! Hope you guys having fun crafting furniture and collections items for this Christmas event!

After Christmas next is New Year! New year is just around the corner! what have you plan for this upcoming new year?

Well, the animals friends got it all. This New On going event for New Year Holiday starts now!

Crafting is always on your hand! This time round they have different Chinese Traditional furniture to craft by using Countdown Charms.

The challenge had begun! Complete as many quest as you can to complete your crafting furniture!

Event Challenge Goals:

Craft Zodiac Dog  (Reward: 10 x Countdown Charms)

Craft Fancy Kadomatsu (Reward: 10 x Countdown Charms)

Complete 3 requests for visiting animals  (Reward: 10 x Countdown Charms)

Craft Isabelle Kite  (Reward: 20 x Leaf Tickets)

Craft Kadomatsu Screen (Reward: 1 x Sparkle Stone)

Craft OK Motors Kite (Reward: 40 x Countdown Charms)

Craft Fancy Kagamimochi (Reward: 40 x Countdown Charms)

Craft Fancy Osechi (Reward: 1 x Blue Haori)

Craft Fancy Mochi Pestle (Reward: 1 x Kimono)

Craft Flowery Kotatsu (Reward: 40 x Countdown Charms)

Craft Basket of Tangerines (Reward: 10 x Countdown Charms)

Complete 70 requests for Visiting animals (Reward: 40 x Countdown Charms)

Complete 30 requests for Visiting animals (Reward: 40 x Countdown Charms)

Complete 20 requests for Visiting animals (Reward: 1 x Kimono Sandals)

Complete 10 requests for Visiting animals (Reward: 10 x Countdown Charms)

Event Starts on 26 Dec 2017 at 2pm and Ends at 11 Jan 2018 at 1.59pm

Happy Challenging!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Updates! How to start Gardening at Your Campsite

New Updates from Animal Crossing recently around December! The game had added a garden just beside your campsite. You can visit anytime and start to do your planting of different flowers around you.

Let’s Update the game and get started!
Head to the garden where you can see Isabelle standing there waiting for you.


Go thru a short tutorial with Lloid !

A few option to choose from when you start planting and Lloid is always there to help.

Lloid will help on :

FertilizeFertilize is available when you start to plant seeds in the plot given. Note that when your seed grown in to flower don’t need to use fertilize.

CaptureNot available yet.

Order Seeds – Order seeds from Lloid and you can start your planting harvest!

Seeds available are Red Pansy, Yellow Pansy, Red Tulip, Orange Tulip. For the starting is just this few, I bet there are more to go! Just keep planting and use X-Pollinate, you can get new flower seeds as you go!


Flower Trade – They have two option for flower trade, one is the Seasonal and the Standard ones. The interesting part is if you can get those special type of flowers as you go, you can trade Flora items like furniture, Clothing, Fences and even Teddy Bear wearing flora clothes! Try to use X – Pollinate on your plant and it will turn out some rare flowers seeds.


After planting, you can choose to Harvest or X- Pollinate. You can harvest and trade in with Lloid or you can sell it for some bells.


Planting : Select a plot, place the seeds and let it grow. If you want to speed up the flower go ahead and use fertilize or the flower food from Lloid.

Fertilizing Service -Lloid have fertilizing service for 1 Leaf Tickets, what is so special about this because he is using his homemade flower food to speed up and the growth time will be 1 hour.

Flower Food – Flower Food will growth by 30 minutes!


How to Water your Plant

To water your plant is easy! Just have to wait for the soil to dry which you will see lighten colour of your soil. (picture shown above)

Just select the plant with the lighten soil colour, a water can will appear to show that it’s time to water your plant!


You can also visit friends garden and try your luck to get rare flower! Increase friendship bonding too!

Happy Gardening!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to use a Request Ticket

Some people have been wondering what is a Request Ticket or what is it use for and how to use it. Here is a little explanation of how the Ticket works!



Talk to a animal friend, can select “what’s the latest “ and they will talk to you to gain friendship.


If you select “what do you want “, if they don’t have anything to request you will need to use a Request Ticket.

This request Ticket is use to ask for more request. Basically is when you already complete their request and you want some more, can use it to complete your goals!



They will show you a list of things that they wanted. Find the item and get back to them and you complete their request! A request Ticket contain 3 more request. Once you complete, you can choose to use again if you have the Ticket.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile – Stretch Goals


  • Chat with an animal while he or she is visiting your campsite (reward: 30 Leaf Tickets). – Talk to anyone that visits your campsite!
  • Collect 5 seashells (rewards: Wood x 30). – Head to Saltwater Shores.
  • Complete a request for an animal (rewards: Calling Card x3) – Click on anyone that is nearby you, they will have a little icon show on top of them.
  • Link a Nintendo Account (rewards: 100 Leaf Tickets) – Create an account if you don’t have one and follow the instructions.
  • Chat with one of the animals visiting a recreation spot (rewards: Request Card x 6) – Visit a location from the map and talk to the animals.
  • Catch 5 Fish (rewards: Cotton x 30 ) – Head to Lost Lure Creek / Saltwater Shores.
  • Catch 5 Bugs (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) – Head to Sunburst Island.
  • Harvest 5 Fruits (rewards: 10 x Leaf Tickets) – Head to Breezy Hollow or Lost Lure Creek, harvest any fruits on the trees! Can use fertilizer to grow fruits too! It takes about 3hrs time.
  • Complete a request for an animal visiting your campsite (rewards: Paper x 30) – Your Campsite will have 1 animal friend around, talk to him/her to complete a request.
  • Raise your friendship level with any animal to 4 (rewards: Preserves x 30) – Talk to Animals Friends and fulfilled their request.
  • Give Kudos to another player at his or her campsite (rewards: Friend Powder x 20) – Visit another player campsite and give Kudos. 
  • Befriend another player (rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets) – Add someone as a friend.
  • Befriend with 5 other players (rewards: 20 Leaf Tickets) – Visit the map and make friends, add them as a friend.
  • Give Kudos to a friend (rewards: Friend Powder x 20) – Visit a friend and give Kudos.
  • Buy an item from a Market Box (rewards: Preserves x 30) – Open your Friends tab, view your friend market box and buy any item.
  • List an item in your Market Box (rewards: Paper x 30) Open your market box and list an item to sell.
  • Craft a piece of furniture (rewards: Preserves x 30) – Open your craft tab, choose a furniture to craft.
  • Buy clothes or an accessory at Market Place (rewards: Cotton x 30) – Head to Market Place and buy a new pair of clothes or accessory.
  • Use a Request Ticket (rewards: Wood x 30) – Click here on How to Use a Request Ticket.
  • Use a Calling Card (rewards: Steel x 30) –Click here on How to Use a Calling Card
  • Catch 50 Fish (rewards: Sporty Essence x 3) – Head to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek. 
  • Catch 50 Bugs (rewards: Cute Essence x 3) – Head to Sunburst Island.
  • Harvest 50 Fruits (rewards: Cool Essence x 3) – Head to Breezy Hollow.
  • Collect 50 seashells (rewards: Natural Essence) – Head to Saltwater Shores.
  • Use a sea throw net (rewards: 5 Leaf Tickets) – Head to Saltwater Shores, look for the net icon show around the sea area. 
  • Use a river throw net (rewards: 5 Leaf Tickets) – Head to Lost Lure Creek, look for the net icon show around the river area. 
  • Use some honey (rewards: 5 Leaf Tickets)Click here on How to use honey to Catch Bugs.
  • Raise your friendship level with any animals to 6 (rewards: Sporty Essence x 3) – Keep on talking to your animal friends. Choose an option to talk or fulfilled their request.
  • Place furniture in your camper (rewards: Cute Essence x 3) – Head to your camper van, Click on the grid on the right side. – Click here on How to Arrange Furniture
  • Craft 3 furniture items (rewards: Cool Essence x 3)- Open Craft Tab and craft any 3 items.
  • Place furniture at your campsite (rewards: Natural Essence x 3) – Click here on How to Arrange Furniture
  • Catch 100 Fish (rewards: Cool Essence x 10)- Head to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek.
  • Catch 100 Bugs (rewards: Cool Essence x10) – Head to Sunburst Island.
  • Harvest 100 Fruits (rewards: Cool Essence x 10)- Head to Breezy Hollow.
  • Collect 100 seashells (rewards: Natural Essence x 10) – Head to Saltwater Shores.
  • Host 2 animals at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) –Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Use Leaf Tickets to complete a crafting project quickly (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) –Click here on How to Use a Leaf ticket to complete a Crafting Project
  • Use Leaf Tickets to craft an item with insufficient materials (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) – How to Use Leaf Tickets to Craft an Item with Insufficient Material.
  • Place 4 green series items at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) – Unlock item at level 8.
  • Place 4 polka-dot series items at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) -unlock item at level 9.
  • Place 4 sleek series item at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)
  • Place 4 Kiddie series items at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)
  • Place 4 blue series item at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)
  • Host 4 animals at your at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Craft an amenity (rewards: Sparkles Stones x 1) –
  • Host 6 animals at your campsite (rewards: Sporty Essence x 20)Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Raise a campsite amenity’s level to 2 (rewards: 20 x Leaf Tickets) *Still working on it. 
  • Host 8 animals at your campsite (rewards: Cool Essence x 20) – Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Pay off a loan in full (rewards: Sparkles Stones) – Head to OK Motors, Upgrade your camper, pay the full amount.
  • Expand your camper (rewards: Sparkles Stones x 1) – Head to OK Motors, Talk to the animal Penguin, and choose to expand your camper. 
  • Add a level of your camper (rewards: Sparkle Stone) Unlock at level 10. Head to OK Motor. 
  • Go to Shovel strike Quarry (rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets) – Click on the Map and head to Shovel Strike Quarry (With the construction picture)

Will do a guide on how to complete the goals! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to Use Leaf Tickets to Craft an Item with Insufficient Material

I’ve try this method and if you couldn’t figure how to complete this goal, you can follow my method.

When you are out of Candy Canes to craft an item, which is needed about 50 Candy Canes. There is no way you can do it unless you can save up the candy canes. But if you can, you can just use the Leaf Tickets which is on of the Stretch Goals.

So just head to “Craft” tab

Click on the furniture that you want to craft.


Click “Order Screen” and “Craft” which show need how many “Leaf Ticket.” is  needed.

And you are done!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Christmas Season Game Updates

Animal Crossing Christmas Season Edition!

Christmas season is here! Let’s celebrate Christmas with our little animal friends on Animal Crossing!

Do check the notices for more information guide.


Christmas event Opening! Notices on this event. Is limited event items to unlock with full of joy!


New Time Goal added in! Previously is only 3 sets but now you have more goals to complete! This time is more focus on complete request as many as you can! Stay tuned for my updates on the Time Goals!


Other than time goals they also add a few Xmas edition collection of furniture into craft! But you have to complete request :

  • In order to get Candy Cane for crafting the item. It’s limited edition! Well, I will try!
  • Collect enough Candy Cane to craft special holiday furniture!
  • Complete Time Goals to unlock some Holiday Clothing too!

Holiday furniture Include:

  • Festive Bow tree
  • Three Ball Snowman
  • Jingle Fence and many more!

Holiday Clothing Include:

  • Santa Hat
  • Santa Coat
  • Santa Skirt
  • Santa Pants
  • Santa Boots

Event Schedule Start and End:

From 30/11/17 @ 2 PM, Ends on  26/12/17 @1:59 PM

Visit Shovel strike Quarry and you can collect Candy Canes when you enter! Don’t miss it! If you collect enough you can use it to craft Holiday furniture.

Furniture that you craft will be available if the events end. Earn Candy Canes as many as you can and craft your favorite Holiday furniture as much as you want!

Stay tuned for my updates!