Animal Crossing Pocket Camp NEW UPDATE! – Clothes Crafting is Here!

Hello! The new updates for clothes crafting is finally here! Now you can craft nice and beautiful design customize clothing for your avatar!

All you have to do is collect the materials which you need and you can start crafting your own outfits and shoes!

Approach Mabel who is the one in charge of clothing crafts for orders!


There are more new clothes coming in along while you play, Just get your favourite ones! Oh Well! Shopping! Not only clothes, there are shoes, socks, and some accessories too! like hats! Fashionable glasses 🙂


Pants and Skirts!




The most I love is the crochet hat!


Create your own style and favourite accessories !


They have boots, flats to lots of other different shoes! Just like real life.


You can craft as much as you want as long you have enough materials.


Enjoy and have fun!




Animal Crossing Pocket Camp : NEW UPDATE – Gardening Safari Event 2018

New Event available now! New updates is up and they’ve added a Gardening Safari event!

This event is to capture rare creatures and  you can earn a variety of rewards! like:

Diamond butterfly or Topaz butterfly, even Winter butterfly and Gold winter butterfly! How cool! I wonder do real life have this kind of butterflies?

It’s fun to really be in the nature and do some exploring. I bet you also can find rare creatures around

For special seasonal plants are Blue Dahlias and Red Dahlias. At the moment only Blue Dahlias.

Request completed for Rover – You will have Red & Blue Dahlia Seeds as rewards for helping Rover catching butterflies from the short tutorial.

For Doing this Gardening event can Complete your Timed Goal on Catching Rare Creatures

Here is how it’s works:

Head to your garden

Tap on any flower bed


Plant a Blue Dahlias Seed (Note: For the first time planting this seed will bloom within 4-5 seconds, The flower seed is under Seasonal Tab when you your items.) – waiting time is 3 hours.

When it bloom to flower, you will see butterflies straight away.


Tap on the flower, select ” Capture” to catch the butterfly.

*For Red Dahlia flowers will bloom out with Topaz rare butterflies which is quite challenging to catch that. Have to keep trying!

And you are done!


Do check out the list of butterflies that Rover want you to help! Can check out on the rewards that you will get.

You can also check out your friends garden for helping them to water their plant and share butterflies on their flowers! You will also get rewards too! When you share butterflies, you will get rewards from Rover!

Check on this request that you’ve cleared so that you will know what you’ve cleared. Hope this post helps you! I’ve made a video gameplay! will be posted up and update soon!

Do check out my YouTube Channel!

Happy Gardening!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to use a Request Ticket

Some people have been wondering what is a Request Ticket or what is it use for and how to use it. Here is a little explanation of how the Ticket works!



Talk to a animal friend, can select “what’s the latest “ and they will talk to you to gain friendship.


If you select “what do you want “, if they don’t have anything to request you will need to use a Request Ticket.

This request Ticket is use to ask for more request. Basically is when you already complete their request and you want some more, can use it to complete your goals!



They will show you a list of things that they wanted. Find the item and get back to them and you complete their request! A request Ticket contain 3 more request. Once you complete, you can choose to use again if you have the Ticket.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile – Timed Goals

Here is the Timed Goals list. With time limit to complete them, Do remember to check back anytime before it’s gone! They will keep having new Time Goals added in. All with a time limit.

  • Give Kudos to another player at his or her campsite (rewards: Friend Powder)


Visit your friend from your friend list and click “visit”!


Once you are at your friend campsite, talk to him/her. And click ” Give kudos”!

*Remember you can only give one time! Maybe come back visit another day and you can give again!.

And! You complete a Time goal! 😃


  • Olive Flounder collecting! Get 3 of them (rewards: Paper) – Go to the fishing spot and catch some fishes!
  • Fruits beetle collecting, Get 9 of them (rewards: Steel) – Head to Sunburst Island to catch them all!
  • Coconut collecting! Get 6 of them. (Rewards: 6 x Paper) – Head to Sunburst Island to Harvest them all!
  • Squid collecting! Get 15 of them. (Rewards: 1 x Natural Essence) – This want is tough. Not as easy to get but try your luck! Head to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to Use a Calling Card

Calling Card can only use on animals when they are not nearby you. When are at certain level, you will unlock animals friends, but once you unlock they are still new to you.

If you want to meet them and start raise friendship with them you can use a Calling Card to call them to your area for 3 hours. But you only use once (purpose is to complete your stretch goals)


Click on the Animals that you want to call.

Once you call them, they will be around you!


Now it’s time to raise your friendship with them! Now you can check through their list of furniture to craft and so you can invite them to your campsite.

There are lots of happy ending after you completed their request, like enjoying favourite fruits together, making shell necklace, making pudding cake! And many more!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp -How to Invite/Host Animals Friends to your Campsite

Making friends is so much fun! Especially surrounded with animals friends! Once you have your campsite ready, you can start to invite friends to visit your campsite!

Invite and host animal to your campsite is similar action to do. Purpose is to complete your stretch goals.


Go to Contact tab, read the profile on their special request. Find them by “Open Map” tab. Raise your friendship with them to the required level by talking and fulfilled their request.


While you raising friendship, you may start to craft items from their requested furniture list.


if you want to craft multiple item, have to buy a space for 80 leaf ticket.

Note: Completion time may depends on the item.


Once you complete the requested furniture, a ” Invite me” icon will appear on the top on the animals tab under contact.


Click in and select ” Invite to Campsite (Auto Arrange)”. or you can choose “Self Arrange” once you are ready to welcome them.



Note: You only can invite to a Maximum of 8 animals friends to your campsite. If your campsite turn’s out to be full, Click on the “Cat” Icon on the right side of your campsite (must be at your campsite). 

Select any animals friend, and “Send home”

* you can always invite them back anytime!


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile – How to use a Leaf Ticket to complete Crafting Project

Use Leaf ticket to speed up items that are urgent or to clear your quest faster and gets level up faster too!

Open your craft tab

Choose a furniture to craft.

Click on the processing craft, click yeah to use Leaf Tickets.

Usually just need to use 1 leaf ticket.

Leaf Ticket is easy to collect when you fulfilled a request or level up friendship.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to use a Honey to catch Bugs

Guide on how to use a honey to catch random bugs! You don’t have to be a bug catcher to catch it! It’s much easier for mobile control.


Go to ‘Sunburst Island’

You will see a honey icon pop up!


Click on it, select honey on the first tab. And there! You will catch 4 random mystery bugs!

If you use beetle honey, you will catch 10 different type of bugs! Try it!

Animal Crossing Mobile – What is Leaf Tickets & Timed / Stretch Goals

What is Leaf Tickets Use for?

What exactly is leaf ticket use for? Leaf ticket are use to speed up the things you need. Whenever if you are urgent in getting something done, you can use the leaf tickets.

How to get leaf Tickets?

So how to get leaf tickets, you can help to complete quest to get leaf tickets. This is one of the method to do. Well, not so bad uh? 🙂 Once you become a campsite manager, you will get 10 leaf tickets! And! guess what! If you link to Nintendo account! You will get 100 LEAF TICKETS! (OMG! So is it necessary to connect it ? ) Ha Ha ! Is all up to your decision!

Timed and Stretch Goals



For this Timed goals and stretch goals is simply for you to complete those quest that has time limit, be sure to go back and check on it before it’s gone! For Stretch goals, you can clear it anytime I guess!  You get to earn bells, craft materials items and much more for completing the quest. Just click on the “Isabelle” Icon on the right.

MORE TO UPDATE! I Still playing and exploring the game! Do stay tuned for updates!

Nintendo Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is Out on Mobile!

Hello! All Pals!

Animal Crossing is on Mobile!

Fans of Animals Crossing! Here is another game on Animal Crossing for mobile IOS & Android. This version is “Pocket Camp”.

Welcome to another busy life at the campsite! Do all sorts of nature like fishing, Catching of bugs and grab some fruits! Relaxed at your own camping atmosphere with your animals friends! Design your campsite with your favourite furniture outdoors and indoors.


I kind of love this game, cause I am a animal lover! When I see all the animal in the game I feel so happy 😂. How I wish humans are better then animals 😅. (kidding)

Secondly is their graphic are quite good and mostly are cute! I super love all the characters! Now they are out on mobile, when I look into the game graphic is the best! Is what I wanted and will get tempted to play all the way! Sounds cool uh? 😂


And so glad that the game is free to play! Will explain what is leaf ticket as I go through the game!


You can also link to your DS device to play the game! Click on the second tab ” what’s a Nintendo account”.


Get to customize your eyes and hair with your favourite colors and cute hair style and even eye colors! Well, on the DS version you can’t really customize it. But when you are in the game, you will get to change ur hair style. Customizing is fun! Pick your favourite hair colour, eyes shape and colours too. Change it anytime you want!


Remember Isabelle is the mayor ? Yes is still her! She will guide you through the game and explain what you have to do! You can create a name that will be show in your game profile so that other people can see you and visit you also! You will be assign as a manager of the campsite! With a simple job just to decorate your own campsite and invite animals!

You also can choose your campsite theme! Like Cute, Cool ? choose the one you will like it. But no matter which theme you choose you will get the same new item unlock item on the way you go! Sounds cool! This is goanna be so much fun!

Make friends and visit other people from the map! Is very similar to DS version!


On the way you go, you got request to go through. fulfilled each other needs to unlock new items, get rewarded too!


This is your very first request that you will be going through base on the theme you choose. My theme is ‘Cool’. So I met this eagle animal! * SO CUTE! Just like a little birdy.


Once you fulfilled their request, Enjoy the fruits together and bond your friendship as you go!


There are few quest to complete! Depend on which theme you choose! Each theme represent one animal. complete their quest and you get rewarded! That’s easy! Finish up the tutorial and you are free to go on your own! Each time you complete a quest, level up, bonding of friendships you will get rewards.


Get to meet Reese and Cyrus! They are the owner of their own shop where you can get furniture and pre make furniture for your home decorations!


The first item to craft is a sofa (Part from the Tutorial guide). Once you done, you can choose to make your own choice of furniture.To fulfilled other needs!


After the short introduction, Little Mayor will get you all setup and you are good to go for your free time! Follow accordingly as you go soon you can start your game!

The end of my review! To download this game, Click on the link ” Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Stay tune for my updates on the game guide!

Happy Gaming!