3 Ways to Improve your English Language


Hello! So here is another post on How to improve your English, just want to share some advise with you from my friend to help improve your English.

My English wasn’t that good.. so I keep try different ways to build up my English speaking and writing.

There are a few ways to try out.

Phone Apps : Grammar

They have Beginner pack to Advanced With practice and test. You can try practice and than do out the test. I quite like this app and I think it really helps. Of cause must be consistent enough, everyday do practice and test. (click on the link to download the app)

Read Book

Reading book is one of the best solution actually. When you read a paragraph, you can see and understand from the words given, and if you are not sure about the words just google it. Start with the children books if you are still beginner or get some simple easy reading books from your local book store. It’s easy! or can just get E book. Try to be consistent to read everyday. But remember, don’t stop half way randomly. Try to finish reading one full passage. So that it’s easy to remember where you stop at, and also you will remember the story better. Try to share with someone else the story you reading after finish one passage.

I have bought some books too, some recommends one like “Charlotte’s Web“, This is a interesting story book and I quite like it. “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is a love story book, this is nice and it’s also helps you to understand love life with men and women. And I love dogs a lot, so I went to buy “Bailey Story” and A Dog’s Purpose”.

Do Assessment

Get Assessment book to do and correct the answers, each time you correct learn from the mistake you did and practice again. Keep doing and you will get it.


The key word here is to read more, do more and you can get it. I’m trying very hard to read and be consistent.. well, it takes time.. just be consistent this is what I can advise you. Some people hate to read or some don’t even read, like me is one of them.. but I can understand cause me myself don’t really read a lot, but I try to read. Every day can just read one passage, get your favourite book and maybe you will be interested to read. Who knows? Just try it yourself :)!

Hope this helps you!




Course in Taf.tc School


So, previous post I wrote about the course I took this month.

I signed up another 2 more courses which is the “Sew top and Skirt” and “Sew Tops and Bottom with variation of collars”. This 2 courses will guide on how to sew basic top and skirt plus bottoms and shirt collars.

It seems to be fun, cause I have one classmate sharing with me her experience about the class. I was so excited to join cause it will be what I wanted to learn too. She was telling me at the end of the course , will have a project to sew your own blouse or shirt as a something called portfolio . So is like not bad .. This is what I wanted to have ..

So, what we did in class was testing out fabrics, and do experiments. Teacher ask to burn the fabric pieces and smell what is it like. Uhm? anyway, is just doing experiment. So I’m like ok.. She did cover about How fabric was done from the factory, the machines they use, some of the math conversion.. but one good thing is they have the notes for us to refer anytime. Best part I like is they have a notes that tells you what are the fabric advantages and disadvantages. We also learn how to see fabric and feel the fabric to get the feeling how is each fabric like.

I am so happy to make one friend in the class .. I wanna thank her for sharing the experience with me so I will know how the class like . And I think most likely its worth!

Currently now I’m still in textile processes class with another 5 more days and I will be going on a short trip holiday in Phuket ! Finally after so long of work ! Check out on my travel blog post soon!

Life : Taking Courses to Upgrade Myself


I was browsing through a website, is like a school. Was intro by one of my sister’s friend.

Everytime I wanted to attend something, the only thing I most worried is the fees. Well nothing’s free.

But this time I have heart of being brave to look through and enquiry about the school. That’s what my friend advise me too. So , I went to do it and I finally found some course that I can join and something that I can learn for myself .

There are a few things I wanted to take in and learn . But my boyfriend always told me “take one step at a time.” Haha. So each time he keep repeat to me cause I always wanted to do alot of things at one time. I just can’t help it . But now I slowly getting it and hope I can maintain it throughout the process.


So! I told up this course which related to what I’m doing now ! SEWING ! Haha! And I quite excited to learn how to sew clothing ! As you can see my blog I did sewing on accessories and all but now ! I’m interested in making clothes ! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ya I’m moving on to next step. So I took up a course “textile and textile process.” This course I bet it will be useful , it will let you understand more about fabrics and the tools we use. Sounds good to me !

Best is the most worried has gone! I don’t have to pay any fees other than $10 application fee, which means! I only pay a $10 fee to attend a course of 7 days?! And the course cost $80.25 for 1 module 7 lessons. To me is worth, cause I get to know the basic first before you go for any sewing classes. As I also want to know more about fabrics so that I know which fabrics to use for making what type of items.

Friday, 31 Aug 18 was my first class, the feeling for going school alone was boring and purpose is make new friends but I did manage to talk.. I was wondering what was my classmate first sight of me .. I was hoping to make new friends if not I will just enjoy my class! Our teacher was a Indian lady, and she seems very nice. Most important is I can understand the lesson and her speaking 😬. I think this is my main concern 😅.

The class provide us notes and tools for the activities that we have. But best is we can bring back the note for referring. 👍🏻!

I can say the class is quite entertaining, people share their thoughts and dreams on what they want to be in the future ! So wish me all the best ! 👍🏻🥂!

Lifestyle: How to Boil an Egg

How to Boil an Egg

Step 1: 

Take out the eggs from refrigerator and place them in a single layer in a pot, close it with fitting lid.

Step 2: 

Cover the eggs with water at least 1 inch above the top of the eggs.

Step 3: 

Place the pot over to medium heat, uncovered, and boil until the water is boiling.

Step 4: 

Remove the pot from the heat, cover it and let it stand for 12 minutes to hard-boil and 6 minutes to soft boil.

Step 5:

Using a heatproof slotted spoon, scoop out the eggs and place them in a bowl of ice water. For 10 minutes.

Step 6:

Hold up the egg and slowly crack on the table gently, until you see crack line. Slowly peel off the skin, and you’re ready to serve.

Tips: If you notice the white seeping out of a cracked egg during boiling, add a little vinegar to the water. This can helps the proteins in the egg white coagulate faster, sealing the crack.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to use a Request Ticket

Some people have been wondering what is a Request Ticket or what is it use for and how to use it. Here is a little explanation of how the Ticket works!



Talk to a animal friend, can select “what’s the latest “ and they will talk to you to gain friendship.


If you select “what do you want “, if they don’t have anything to request you will need to use a Request Ticket.

This request Ticket is use to ask for more request. Basically is when you already complete their request and you want some more, can use it to complete your goals!



They will show you a list of things that they wanted. Find the item and get back to them and you complete their request! A request Ticket contain 3 more request. Once you complete, you can choose to use again if you have the Ticket.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile – Stretch Goals


  • Chat with an animal while he or she is visiting your campsite (reward: 30 Leaf Tickets). – Talk to anyone that visits your campsite!
  • Collect 5 seashells (rewards: Wood x 30). – Head to Saltwater Shores.
  • Complete a request for an animal (rewards: Calling Card x3) – Click on anyone that is nearby you, they will have a little icon show on top of them.
  • Link a Nintendo Account (rewards: 100 Leaf Tickets) – Create an account if you don’t have one and follow the instructions.
  • Chat with one of the animals visiting a recreation spot (rewards: Request Card x 6) – Visit a location from the map and talk to the animals.
  • Catch 5 Fish (rewards: Cotton x 30 ) – Head to Lost Lure Creek / Saltwater Shores.
  • Catch 5 Bugs (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) – Head to Sunburst Island.
  • Harvest 5 Fruits (rewards: 10 x Leaf Tickets) – Head to Breezy Hollow or Lost Lure Creek, harvest any fruits on the trees! Can use fertilizer to grow fruits too! It takes about 3hrs time.
  • Complete a request for an animal visiting your campsite (rewards: Paper x 30) – Your Campsite will have 1 animal friend around, talk to him/her to complete a request.
  • Raise your friendship level with any animal to 4 (rewards: Preserves x 30) – Talk to Animals Friends and fulfilled their request.
  • Give Kudos to another player at his or her campsite (rewards: Friend Powder x 20) – Visit another player campsite and give Kudos. 
  • Befriend another player (rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets) – Add someone as a friend.
  • Befriend with 5 other players (rewards: 20 Leaf Tickets) – Visit the map and make friends, add them as a friend.
  • Give Kudos to a friend (rewards: Friend Powder x 20) – Visit a friend and give Kudos.
  • Buy an item from a Market Box (rewards: Preserves x 30) – Open your Friends tab, view your friend market box and buy any item.
  • List an item in your Market Box (rewards: Paper x 30) Open your market box and list an item to sell.
  • Craft a piece of furniture (rewards: Preserves x 30) – Open your craft tab, choose a furniture to craft.
  • Buy clothes or an accessory at Market Place (rewards: Cotton x 30) – Head to Market Place and buy a new pair of clothes or accessory.
  • Use a Request Ticket (rewards: Wood x 30) – Click here on How to Use a Request Ticket.
  • Use a Calling Card (rewards: Steel x 30) –Click here on How to Use a Calling Card
  • Catch 50 Fish (rewards: Sporty Essence x 3) – Head to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek. 
  • Catch 50 Bugs (rewards: Cute Essence x 3) – Head to Sunburst Island.
  • Harvest 50 Fruits (rewards: Cool Essence x 3) – Head to Breezy Hollow.
  • Collect 50 seashells (rewards: Natural Essence) – Head to Saltwater Shores.
  • Use a sea throw net (rewards: 5 Leaf Tickets) – Head to Saltwater Shores, look for the net icon show around the sea area. 
  • Use a river throw net (rewards: 5 Leaf Tickets) – Head to Lost Lure Creek, look for the net icon show around the river area. 
  • Use some honey (rewards: 5 Leaf Tickets)Click here on How to use honey to Catch Bugs.
  • Raise your friendship level with any animals to 6 (rewards: Sporty Essence x 3) – Keep on talking to your animal friends. Choose an option to talk or fulfilled their request.
  • Place furniture in your camper (rewards: Cute Essence x 3) – Head to your camper van, Click on the grid on the right side. – Click here on How to Arrange Furniture
  • Craft 3 furniture items (rewards: Cool Essence x 3)- Open Craft Tab and craft any 3 items.
  • Place furniture at your campsite (rewards: Natural Essence x 3) – Click here on How to Arrange Furniture
  • Catch 100 Fish (rewards: Cool Essence x 10)- Head to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek.
  • Catch 100 Bugs (rewards: Cool Essence x10) – Head to Sunburst Island.
  • Harvest 100 Fruits (rewards: Cool Essence x 10)- Head to Breezy Hollow.
  • Collect 100 seashells (rewards: Natural Essence x 10) – Head to Saltwater Shores.
  • Host 2 animals at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) –Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Use Leaf Tickets to complete a crafting project quickly (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) –Click here on How to Use a Leaf ticket to complete a Crafting Project
  • Use Leaf Tickets to craft an item with insufficient materials (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) – How to Use Leaf Tickets to Craft an Item with Insufficient Material.
  • Place 4 green series items at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) – Unlock item at level 8.
  • Place 4 polka-dot series items at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10) -unlock item at level 9.
  • Place 4 sleek series item at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)
  • Place 4 Kiddie series items at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)
  • Place 4 blue series item at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)
  • Host 4 animals at your at your campsite (rewards: Leaf Tickets x 10)Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Craft an amenity (rewards: Sparkles Stones x 1) –
  • Host 6 animals at your campsite (rewards: Sporty Essence x 20)Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Raise a campsite amenity’s level to 2 (rewards: 20 x Leaf Tickets) *Still working on it. 
  • Host 8 animals at your campsite (rewards: Cool Essence x 20) – Click here on How to Invite / Host animals to your campsite.
  • Pay off a loan in full (rewards: Sparkles Stones) – Head to OK Motors, Upgrade your camper, pay the full amount.
  • Expand your camper (rewards: Sparkles Stones x 1) – Head to OK Motors, Talk to the animal Penguin, and choose to expand your camper. 
  • Add a level of your camper (rewards: Sparkle Stone) Unlock at level 10. Head to OK Motor. 
  • Go to Shovel strike Quarry (rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets) – Click on the Map and head to Shovel Strike Quarry (With the construction picture)

Will do a guide on how to complete the goals! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to Use Leaf Tickets to Craft an Item with Insufficient Material

I’ve try this method and if you couldn’t figure how to complete this goal, you can follow my method.

When you are out of Candy Canes to craft an item, which is needed about 50 Candy Canes. There is no way you can do it unless you can save up the candy canes. But if you can, you can just use the Leaf Tickets which is on of the Stretch Goals.

So just head to “Craft” tab

Click on the furniture that you want to craft.


Click “Order Screen” and “Craft” which show need how many “Leaf Ticket.” is  needed.

And you are done!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile – Timed Goals

Here is the Timed Goals list. With time limit to complete them, Do remember to check back anytime before it’s gone! They will keep having new Time Goals added in. All with a time limit.

  • Give Kudos to another player at his or her campsite (rewards: Friend Powder)


Visit your friend from your friend list and click “visit”!


Once you are at your friend campsite, talk to him/her. And click ” Give kudos”!

*Remember you can only give one time! Maybe come back visit another day and you can give again!.

And! You complete a Time goal! 😃


  • Olive Flounder collecting! Get 3 of them (rewards: Paper) – Go to the fishing spot and catch some fishes!
  • Fruits beetle collecting, Get 9 of them (rewards: Steel) – Head to Sunburst Island to catch them all!
  • Coconut collecting! Get 6 of them. (Rewards: 6 x Paper) – Head to Sunburst Island to Harvest them all!
  • Squid collecting! Get 15 of them. (Rewards: 1 x Natural Essence) – This want is tough. Not as easy to get but try your luck! Head to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Christmas Season Game Updates

Animal Crossing Christmas Season Edition!

Christmas season is here! Let’s celebrate Christmas with our little animal friends on Animal Crossing!

Do check the notices for more information guide.


Christmas event Opening! Notices on this event. Is limited event items to unlock with full of joy!


New Time Goal added in! Previously is only 3 sets but now you have more goals to complete! This time is more focus on complete request as many as you can! Stay tuned for my updates on the Time Goals!


Other than time goals they also add a few Xmas edition collection of furniture into craft! But you have to complete request :

  • In order to get Candy Cane for crafting the item. It’s limited edition! Well, I will try!
  • Collect enough Candy Cane to craft special holiday furniture!
  • Complete Time Goals to unlock some Holiday Clothing too!

Holiday furniture Include:

  • Festive Bow tree
  • Three Ball Snowman
  • Jingle Fence and many more!

Holiday Clothing Include:

  • Santa Hat
  • Santa Coat
  • Santa Skirt
  • Santa Pants
  • Santa Boots

Event Schedule Start and End:

From 30/11/17 @ 2 PM, Ends on  26/12/17 @1:59 PM

Visit Shovel strike Quarry and you can collect Candy Canes when you enter! Don’t miss it! If you collect enough you can use it to craft Holiday furniture.

Furniture that you craft will be available if the events end. Earn Candy Canes as many as you can and craft your favorite Holiday furniture as much as you want!

Stay tuned for my updates!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Time Goal on Event Challenge

Timed Goal added some new challenge for this Christmas season holiday! Can get Candy Cane by Complete Goals too!

  • Complete 3 requests for visiting animals (Rewards: 20 x Candy Canes)
  • Complete 10 requests for visiting animals (Rewards: 40 x Candy Canes)
  • Complete 30 requests for visiting animals (Rewards: 1 x Santa Pant)
  • Complete 70 requests  for visiting animals (Rewards: 1 x Santa Skirt)
  • Craft Jingle Checked Sofa (Rewards: 20 x Candy Canes)
  • Craft Mountain of Presents (Rewards: 20 x Candy Canes)
  • Craft Big Festive Cake (Rewards: 5 x Leaf Tickets)
  • Craft Jingle Checked Bed (Rewards: 40 x Candy Canes)
  • Craft Jingle Checked Rug (Rewards: 1 x Santa Boot)
  • Craft Jingle Fence (Rewards: 1 x Santa Shirt)
  • Craft Jingle Snow Globe (Rewards: 80 x Candy Canes)
  • Craft Festive Bow Tree (Rewards: 20 x Leaf Tickets)
  • Craft Festive Streetlights (Rewards: 80 x Candy Canes)
  • Craft Three Ball Snowman (Rewards: 1 x Candy Canes)
  • Craft Festive Fireplace (Rewards: 20 x Leaf Tickets)

Basically is just doing request and crafting furniture! To craft furniture just open “Craft” tab, talk to animals friends to complete the request to earn Candy Canes! That’s the main focus.

Complete all the goals at the end of the day you will get a full set of Christmas costume!