Top 5 Mobile Games to Kill your Boredom at Work (IOS)

Here are the 5 Mobile games which I pick up from some of my game list. Sometimes mobile games are not as fun as console games but still, you will need it sometimes to kill your time at work or while relaxing on the bed.

They are on IOS, But you can also check out android users.


Super Mario

Remember this game? This was my favourite game since I was a child! It was so popular in the 80s or 90s? Playing with Nintendo. Now is out on mobile. And one thing that makes me irritating is they want you to buy the game after playing certain levels. That was so annoying. But if you love this game, just try it or just play the free version. Not as fun but still kill your time.


Fight List

This game was quite popular once since it was out, but until now I think some people stop or maybe still playing? or maybe there are new updates in the game! So just check it out! It still can kill time when you are bored I believe.

This game have the most randomly words that you totally won’t thought of it. It’s super challenging, but if you like challenging just give it a try!

Connect with friends and take the challenge!


Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsum is a Disney characters game which most of the people know what Tsum Tsum are I bet. This game are super adorable! When get to see then get together, just like collecting them all. Super addictive and fun! Totally can kill your time while you are waiting for someone or at work to kill your bored-ness! They will have daily goals to complete and Bingo cards to clear and get level up or even get new Tsum Tsum! Stay tune for their up coming events which happens every months or randomly.

This want have to connect with line account or facebook in order to play! Challenge your friends now!

Pac – Man

This was also the 80s -90s console game. This was also quite fun. And now it’s also out on mobile version! If you are interested why not try it! So far the game was good. I haven’t really play yet but I did try out some stage.

The quality is almost the same I guess? The only thing different is you can change the background to different games background like the “Crossy road” background.


Words Cookies

This game is kind of fun, it test your brain and it’s quite challenging when you play with friends! It comes out with some words that you don’t even thought of it and it totally like any words! Sometimes when you bored, have some brain alive with this game! It will kill your time.

Hope some of the games bring you back to your childhood moments! Enjoy gaming, do leave me feedback or comments! I would be glad to hear it. 🙂




Games: Childhood Tamgochi Pet Game on Mobile IOS and Android


Eh-los! Remember this childhood game that you always play? In the 80s or 90s! Guess what? They are out now on mobile! I always wanted a pet game something similar to this !

Now you can easily have them on your mobile just like having a pet with you! This is the original characters of Tamagochi. Now in 3D version, colourful animals pets! Now available for IOS & Android.

Don’t have a pet yet ? Get it now and start caring and make them your first pal!

Welcome your little pet to their home!


Go thru a short tutorial with your very first pet “Mametchi”



They go toilet too! Ha Ha!


You can bath them!img_2501


Get level up and you will unlock a new pet each time! The next to unlock is a surprise pet, means you can get different pet. Mine I have a “Futabatchi”.


They have a Tamagochi Stage from Babies to Adults. Mainly is just bath, feed and bring them out to play! Play minis games to gain level up.


Tap on the toilet bowl to pass out, the bathtub to take a bath.

img_2504Give them a good rest!


They have quest for each Pet, check out the mini camera on the top corner to see what you need to do to complete the task!


Complete the task and get rewards!


When it’s time to grow, your Tamagochi will evolve to another stage.




And again!


When you reach the adult stage, you will enter a school. Will be added some task to complete.

This game is fun for your kids to play, let them take over the 80s – 90s back to your childhood day. Hope you enjoy your game!




Sims Mobile: Choosing Your Career and Hobbies

Everybody do have a hobbies and Career. You can choose all sort of hobbies as long as  you like it 🙂 Having hobbies is so fun, you can do up to 5 hobbies for each Sims I guess. But of cause you will have to start on with 1 first, improving skills. Enjoy the feel of your favourite things to do. And move on to the next one.


You can choose any hobbies depends on what furniture you buy. If you buy a guitar you will unlock the Stir-String Ring guitar hobby. Sometimes it’s hard to earn Sims Coins. All you have to do is keep doing quest, events or talk to people to get level up. Best is to start events, will suddenly show you that you had unlock Writing hobby or any other. Click on the big icon picture and you will start your hobby by events.

Make sure to have enough energy bar (This is really pathetic when you keep losing your energy.)


As for the Career also same, unlock those with free Sims coins or with lesser coin you have.

Career item will only unlock in certain level, Most of the item will unlock at level 6. Once you unlock a job, keep working to get level up then you can unlock other job.

For the start, you will have a free unlock job first. you can choose to “start work” (click on the big icon picture) or can “choose later”.


You can choose any job that you like or switch it later using Sims Coins. After you switch job, the previous job will be saved. I guess you can go back anytime to continue. 🙂 Hope this help you! Enjoy your Sims life! 🙂

Do share with me some feedback about the game, I will be glad to hear from you 🙂


Sims Mobile: Weekly Stickers Contest Theme


Here is a contest theme which held weekly for you to earn rewards and socialize.

What does this actually means is, if you hang out at the parties and you found someone who can be your friend and you really like their style, give them a sticker to show what you feel about them! And if they like you they will send back to you too! This weekly stickers can earn you some rewards too!


Just have to keep remember that when you socialize with a Sims, there is an icon Stickers at the bottom pop up. There are 3 types Cool, Fabulous and Classy showing pink rabbit icon. This will also appear in the daily quest/To do list too. So once you complete the task you will get rewards! You will know how many stickers you on the next day.

How to use Stickers: (refer to the image shown above)

Chat with someone which you think refer to the stickers, Cool, Fabulous or Classy. Choose any of it when it pop ups while you chat with the person.


The weekly sticker contest will held weekly, Just have to get dressed up before you enter a party. Socialized with other Sims and people will noticed you and you will get stickers! Not only at Parties, when you start event or chat with people around you too!Get to earn rewards based on how many stickers you received. The counts will reset every week, just log in to collect your rewards. Easy Right! Now enjoy your game!


Sims Mobile: How to Place a Birthday Cake, Host a Party! (IOS)


How to Place a Birthday Cake, Host a Party! (IOS)

Hello! Here is a post on “How to Place a Birthday Cake” is also known as Hosting a party. But this task suddenly turn out in my game which I didn’t know what’s going on. So I finally figure out how to clear the task and now I would like to share with you!


Go to your side bar, You will see “Parties” Tab. Then click on “Host Party”.

The party will last for 24hrs.


After you host the party, you will be asked to add Decorations items like Banners, Balloons etc. Just add accordingly. And you completed the task for “How to place a Birthday cake.” At the same time you are also hosting a Birthday party!.


The purple balloon will show up on some of the items which can level up the party. Click and do what you like accordingly till the party ends.

You can add friends to contacts too!

It’s goanna be a looong day!



Animal Crossing Pocket Camp NEW UPDATE! – Clothes Crafting is Here!

Hello! The new updates for clothes crafting is finally here! Now you can craft nice and beautiful design customize clothing for your avatar!

All you have to do is collect the materials which you need and you can start crafting your own outfits and shoes!

Approach Mabel who is the one in charge of clothing crafts for orders!


There are more new clothes coming in along while you play, Just get your favourite ones! Oh Well! Shopping! Not only clothes, there are shoes, socks, and some accessories too! like hats! Fashionable glasses 🙂


Pants and Skirts!




The most I love is the crochet hat!


Create your own style and favourite accessories !


They have boots, flats to lots of other different shoes! Just like real life.


You can craft as much as you want as long you have enough materials.


Enjoy and have fun!



Animal Crossing Pocket Camp NEW UPDATE COMING SOON! – Sneak Peek!! New Features Coming Up!



Hello! Here are some of the new features coming up real soon! Animal Crossing is doing great and always keep the game up to date, more and more new things to explore, use and fun! Make your animal friends now!img_1509

One rug is too boring? Soon you will be able to put more rugs for your campsite decorating! and do remember to craft more rugs and ready to put out and show off to your friends!


Customize your terrain selected area at your campsite! Not very sure how it works but! stay tune for the updates and try it yourself. 🙂


Most exciting part is apparel crafting! Now the new Clothes craft is here! You can start to craft nice clothing for your pal! Check out the new clothing craft here!

When you talk to your animal friends and get level up to 7, you will get the clothes on what they are wearing as a gift! Dresses, T Shirts, Sweater and many more!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp : New Update For New Timed Goals

Recently updates on the New Timed Goals under Event Challenge.

Hurry get your hand on and bring it on for more and higher prize this time. They have added a challenge on gardening too!


  • Harvest Flowers 300 times – (Rewards: x 20 Leaf Tickets)
  • Harvest Flowers 250 times – (Rewards: 5,000 Bells)
  • Harvest Flowers 200 times – (Rewards: x 15 Sporty Essence)
  • Harvest Flowers 150 times – (Rewards: 3,000 Bells)
  • Harvest Flowers 100 times – (Rewards: 20 Woods)
  • Harvest Flowers 50 times – (Rewards: 20 Steel)
  • Harvest Flowers 30 times – (Rewards: 1,000 Bells)
  • Harvest Flowers 10 times – (Rewards: 10 Flower Seeds)
  • Catch 200 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 15 Essence) – How to Catch Rare Creatures (Gardening Safari Event)
  • Catch 150 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets)
  • Catch 100 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 15 Sporty Essence)
  • Catch 70 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 2,500 Bells)
  • Catch 40 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 30 Wallpaper)
  • Catch 20 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 15 Steel)
  • Catch 10 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 10 Woods)
  • Catch 5 Rare Creatures – (Rewards: 5 Cotton)
  • Plant Seed 300 Times – (Rewards: 15 Cool Essence) – How to Start Gardening
  • Plant Seed 250 Times – (Rewards: 10 Leaf Tickets)
  • Plant Seed 200 Times – (Rewards: 15 Sweet Essence)
  • Plant Seed 150 Times – (Rewards: 3,000 Bells)
  • Plant Seed 100 Times – (Rewards: 25 Cotton)
  • Plant Seed 50 Times – (Rewards: 20 Woods)
  • Plant Seed 10 Times – (Rewards: 5 Wallpaper)
  • Black Bass Collection! Get 5 of them – (Rewards: x1 Sporty Essence)
  • Give Kudos to other 3 players at their campsites 3 times – (Rewards: x5 Kudos)
  • Conch Shell Collecting! Get 2 of them – (Rewards: x3 Steel)


Stay tune for more game updates! Please be bare with me as I will be quite busy frequently, but I will still try my best to update what I can!

Happy gaming!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp : NEW UPDATE – Gardening Safari Event 2018

New Event available now! New updates is up and they’ve added a Gardening Safari event!

This event is to capture rare creatures and  you can earn a variety of rewards! like:

Diamond butterfly or Topaz butterfly, even Winter butterfly and Gold winter butterfly! How cool! I wonder do real life have this kind of butterflies?

It’s fun to really be in the nature and do some exploring. I bet you also can find rare creatures around

For special seasonal plants are Blue Dahlias and Red Dahlias. At the moment only Blue Dahlias.

Request completed for Rover – You will have Red & Blue Dahlia Seeds as rewards for helping Rover catching butterflies from the short tutorial.

For Doing this Gardening event can Complete your Timed Goal on Catching Rare Creatures

Here is how it’s works:

Head to your garden

Tap on any flower bed


Plant a Blue Dahlias Seed (Note: For the first time planting this seed will bloom within 4-5 seconds, The flower seed is under Seasonal Tab when you your items.) – waiting time is 3 hours.

When it bloom to flower, you will see butterflies straight away.


Tap on the flower, select ” Capture” to catch the butterfly.

*For Red Dahlia flowers will bloom out with Topaz rare butterflies which is quite challenging to catch that. Have to keep trying!

And you are done!


Do check out the list of butterflies that Rover want you to help! Can check out on the rewards that you will get.

You can also check out your friends garden for helping them to water their plant and share butterflies on their flowers! You will also get rewards too! When you share butterflies, you will get rewards from Rover!

Check on this request that you’ve cleared so that you will know what you’ve cleared. Hope this post helps you! I’ve made a video gameplay! will be posted up and update soon!

Do check out my YouTube Channel!

Happy Gardening!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to use a Request Ticket

Some people have been wondering what is a Request Ticket or what is it use for and how to use it. Here is a little explanation of how the Ticket works!



Talk to a animal friend, can select “what’s the latest “ and they will talk to you to gain friendship.


If you select “what do you want “, if they don’t have anything to request you will need to use a Request Ticket.

This request Ticket is use to ask for more request. Basically is when you already complete their request and you want some more, can use it to complete your goals!



They will show you a list of things that they wanted. Find the item and get back to them and you complete their request! A request Ticket contain 3 more request. Once you complete, you can choose to use again if you have the Ticket.