Moving on to a New Job in 2019 Journey

Long time no see and apologies for the late post. Wondering what I’ve been doing lately, I been busy with my new job.

I’ve shifted from office to customer service job, is a education line. I’ve sign the contract and started working on 1st march 2019.

What is the difficulties of moving to a new job. Well, to me is hard cause of my families situation, and I need a job to cope my finance. You will defiantly have a lot of things to think thru before you made a decision. Best is to discuss with your family member. To get some solution or what type of job to find.

Job is alway boring. I feel every Job is the same. Especially for office job. Some might not have much things to do. For small position like me. Data entry and etc.

Now I shifted to customer service education line is harder for me for sure, but I have to do it. For the sick of my family and finance to cope with. It’s challenging for me. I’ve been working office job all along with different companies. Of cause will have good and bad companies. That’s why I been shifted and changing a lot of jobs.

Now currently I still on probation term. So I’m doing my best 😦 Even though, to be honest I still prefer office job.

Firstly, is the working hours. I did get regretted choosing this line. But I just gonna make it without a choice. Basically is more on the working hours. Cause I chose the 6 days week and with 1 day off.

First day of work is super dam stress. Cause I feel I have lesser time to do my stuff. And I was hoping after 1 year contract I can change a 5 days work.

My advise is don’t quit your job so easily. If you are at a comfortable zone and flexible working hours. Don’ quit your job so fast.

If you are having financial difficulties and you need more finance to cope, do get a part time job to cover.

If you are good with changing job, and very sure for it. It’s okay to go ahead. Make the right choice and go for it.



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