About Me

Hello !

Welcome to Xuanxuanbloggies!

My little space to share what i’ve been loved to do in my life.

My name is Shirlene, Xuanxuan is my nickname :). I’m 28 years old and i started my blog in 2017.
I do crafts, draw and ARTS is totally my thing. I just started sewing in 2017, and i also do crochet, knitting, all sorts of crafts which i can afford to do. Ha Ha. I would love to shared with people what i’m doing and hang around in the social media to meet new people out there! But one thing that i hope you can know is i’m still working on my blog, which i feel there’s a lot to improve, not so perfect yet.

I will defiantly work on it and hopfully my post will help you guys somehow. Practice makes perfect!
If you like my post or my blog, feel free to subscribe or like or even share for me, i will be greatful to hear your feedback or advise!

I will be blogging about Sewing, Crafts like crochet, knitting, Pets! I’m a dog lover. lastly is travel! Everyone’s love travels! 
I super love too! Travel around the world is so much fun! But i’m not much a travller , but will share with you what i’ve experience and definetly some guides too!

Lastly, I would like to tell you guys I will be starting on my little shop online portion to my blog. Coming Soon! Sadly is only to locals. Hope you guys can check it out!

Yay! So that’s what i love to do in my life i hope you have your support too!

See you around! 😉