About Me

Howdy! Welcome 2 my little bloggies!

Hello everyone! My name is Shirlene, nickname is Xuan xuan! I’m from the City of Singapore. Let’s Share with you a bit about me here!

Firstly, I want to apologies for the late update about myself in here. Hope you all like what I’ve been blogging. Basically, I will be  blogging about Pets because I loveeeeeeee PETS! Especially small animal like Dogs, Hamster etc. I will be blogging about Crafts too! I’m a craft lover and I love to explore and do what I like to do on my free time! like Crochet, Knitting and even sewing has become my new hobbies! I will be blogging on some Travelling too! But mainly is on Pets and Crafts. Travelling will base on when I will be travel around again. Well hopefully real soon! I really miss travelling so much! and last but not least, I do blog about games like game guide or introduction of the games.

I will be blogging a bit slower as I do not have much free time (Well I really hope I can blog all the way, but due to work.) Of course I will keep my blog updated as fast as I can! Do check out my post updates! You may share my post, like or leave some comment or feedback to so that I will improve myself and share with everyone!